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Malibu dress - brown

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A feminine and complex dress full of sophisticated and meticulous details.

The upper part is tied at the back and fits perfectly to the chest. Suitable for small and large breasts.

It can be worn tied in 3 ways as you can see in the pictures.

(Normal tying behind the neck, crossed tying for an x ​​look in front, and front tying to create a strapless dress)

In the lower part, contractions and diagonal folds in the stomach area (flattering and hiding the stomach area)

In a straight midi cut with a deep slit on the side and a back tie at the waist according to the waist circumference.

A dress that is a piece in one of the most sophisticated and flattering cuts we have created.

* put heart for measurements . in a dress this one The measurements small from your way a rule You can See You Detail The measurements the exact one in the table The measurements .