Pizk’a is a local Israeli fashion brand, created by Maya Katan in Tel Aviv, where she has been living for almost 20 years and where she designs and manufactures all of the pieces and collections of the brand.

“Fashion is a reflection of who we are. Making fashion for me is a therapy for my soul. It is the place where materials, colors and shapes become a statement, reflecting one’s mind, character and mood. It is a pill to elevate your spirit. It is a way of expression. It is a way of life”

Pizk’a designs and manufactures diversified and sophisticated collections, intended for both young and mature women. The collections are eclectic and combine styles like Boho-chic, streetwear, classic figures and some rock & roll touches.

The garments are designed with light, feminine and flattering figures, giving them an effortless look without compromising on comfort, making them fit perfectly to the life of the modern woman for both day and evening appearances.

The inspirations to the collections vary and are influenced by colors, fabrics, the environment around us- combining ethnic and urban with modern global trends.

Pizk’a is a celebration of colors- Many of the pieces have unique fabric and embroidery combinations that characterize the brand and give it its well-known identifying mark.

The brand makes unique clothes with an emphasis on the little details and believes in colorful, up to date, flowy and comfortable fashion.

All of the pieces are manufactured in a premium sewing workshop in Tel Aviv, as a big part of the brands ideology is providing its clients with uncompromising quality standards.

How it all began

The Pizk’a brand started its way in 2001 and went through many phases to become the brand it is today. “My love for fashion started from childhood. As early as the age of 4 years old, I knew exactly what I wanted to wear and what to combine with what. I have to admit that although many tried to tell me otherwise, these matters were NOT negotiable. I started to sew little dolls with a needle and thread, dressed them up and made little clothes for them before I reached primary school. Since I can remember myself I’ve always loved the stage and the world of theater. I had two big passions In my life- the world of theater and the world of fashion. In the year 2000 I started to learn acting professionally at the Yoram Levinstein school of acting in Tel Aviv. While studying, during shows and rehearsals I would sew unique, one of a kind pieces that I redesigned from vintage clothes and fabrics that caught my eye. I studied acting during the days, rehearsed in the evenings and spent my nights working, sleeping wasn’t so necessary at the time. I used to cut and sew, redesigning robes to flattering dresses and huge shirts into well fitted tops and skirts. My head and my hands were creating nonstop. This is how my first collection was created. My acting studio manager used to allow me to do sale days for all of my pieces at the studio every now and then. As a petite woman, everyone around me nicknamed me pizk’a (petite in Yiddish) and that’s how my brand got its name.

The inspiration for the original logo of the brand was dolls I brought from South Africa in 2008

Pizk’a gained immediate popularity with many fashionistas and young women around Tel Aviv. Slowly, by word of mouth, in the times before Facebook and Instagram, more and more women arrived at the sale events that I held in my tiny studio apartment to renew their closet with these one of a kind pieces that I created. The handcraft of sewing- I learned on my own and with time I taught myself to build and create garment patterns and figures. After taking an Imagery course to get more professional skills, I decided to take a little loan from the bank and create my own line of clothes. I bought the fabrics and found a little sewing boutique business in town. The brand was founded in 2006 after a long time of hard workcreating clothes and figuring out what running a business actually means- and I was able to release my first commercial collection that was sold in several boutiques and designer shops In Tel Aviv. From there, my little business grew rapidly- I was working with over 20 designer boutiques from all over the country, and my line became more commercially viable. With time, I decided to drop acting and the theater world.

I did what I love and through all this time I kept my own aesthetic – feminine comfortable clothes shaped to fit the feminine body. A celebration of colors and textures with an emphasis on every little detail and fabric combinations that characterize my designs till today. My loyal customers would come to my studio and others came to know Pizk’a through the designer shops that I used to work with. My collection was also shipped to customers from overseas countries.

Pizk’a was my dream and after years of hard work and thousands of women that joined me on the way, I decided that I needed to have my own shop.

Our flagship store opened at the end of 2015 on Dizengoff street in the heart of Tel Aviv. My Tel Aviv.

Founding and designing the shop and the fact that there was a shop window on Dizengoff titled Pizk’a was a very exciting moment for me. A real dream come true and today, 3 years later we are launching our new online store.